Club Mermaid Village – Alanya – Turkey

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We will not be back to this hotel; terrible package holiday! The hotel was extremely good in both layout & cleanliness, but the food was another matter; in the 7 nights we were there they had meatballs on the menu 4 times for dinner & once for lunch.

For breakfast there were numerous salvers of salad, a lot of which were just Feta cheese & decoration, there was no toaster only a big catering sandwich toaster similar to the George Foreman machine advertised in this country which was not suitable for just toasting bread.

The spread for the bread must have been one of the cheapest on the market & would have been more suitable as axle grease. They appeared to really only cater to the eastern bloc countries as any cold meats were of the spicy sausage type, boiled eggs were available every day while fried eggs were available probably 4 days out of 7 while two of the other days consisted of pancakes.

The plates for hot food were always cold therefore when you put something like eggs on them they were also cold by the time you returned to your table; fresh orange juice was two euros per glass & they only made cocktails from imported spirits & cost 7 euros each.

Desserts were the same for lunch & dinner with no ice cream or cream to accompany. Ice cream was available at 1530 each day but only to children under 14. There was alternative hot food but again 3 nights & one lunchtime this included mackerel with skin still on & as most people will agree has an acquired taste.

All in all this was the worst all inclusive holiday I have ever experienced. One other thing was that there was no inside bar, one of the bars was poolside while the other was under a canvas top similar to the roof of a tent with all sides open to the elements which after 5pm in the afternoon was becoming quite chilly.

This was where the entertainment took place the only other place to drink was in the restaurant, the final straw was when we tried to go to the ala carte restaurant we were advised it had closed for the winter.

This hotel was in the middle of nowhere with no other facilities nearby apart from half a dozen shops mostly selling souvenirs. We never actually went to the beach as in involved a 600mte walk or traveling in vehicle towed by a tractor with a limited amount of seating.

Can’t comment on the beach standard as we only saw it from a distance. While my wife & I are both 68 & didn’t intend to play tennis or basketball the access to the court & the gardens was also closed.

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