About Me & The Package Holiday Site

Reviewer: Simsi

I’m just a normal guy and Package Holiday .com is just a normal website. It’s what you might term a labour of love and not a commercial site because quite frankly I think commercialising a site tends to sway the way you write stuff up, and I want this to be an honest reflection of what I think, what I’ve done and what others do when it comes to holidays and travel. Adding all that affiliate stuff, well, frankly I can’t be bothered anyway.

As far as travel goes, I reckon you could classify me as a reasonably frequent traveller. I tend to go abroad 4 or 5 times a year, sometimes for a holiday with my girlfriend, other times alone for conferences and business stuff, but I’m lucky with the latter as it’s my choice and I usually take a week wherever it is to explore a bit. I live in England and in the past 3 or 4 years I’ve been to France (Paris twice and golfing 4 times), Belgium (Brussels and Bruges), Macau, Las Vegas, Egypt (twice – Luxor the first time and Sharm-el-Sheikh the second time), Holland three times (but always Amsterdam), Barcelona – where I am just off to again next month) and the Greek Islands twice (Kefalonia – awesome – and Skiathos). Oh, and the Maldives for a second time…probably my favourite place on earth, although Las Vegas was up there too. Just a different type of holiday!

If it’s business trips, I tend to book hotel and travel seperately, but for all my holidays bar one I go the package holiday route and reading around the site you’ll see where I tend to book these. Prior to the trips above I’ve been to places like the Channel Islands, Portugal, the Maldives (again!), Germany, Cannes, Rhodes and a few other jaunts but I have a yearning to go further afield. China (Macau) is the furthest I’ve been, and I’m off to Hong Kong in November which is right next door, but Asia interests me and I’d love to do China proper, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Japan and Australia in particular. Heading the other way I’ll get over to the USA – New York specifically – and Canada at some stage in the next year or three too.

For a day-job, I work for myself, writing websites as it happens. I’m early 40′s and gave up the daily grind of working for other people around 13 years ago when I set up my own company. I’ve since moved on from there but the beauty of what I do means I get to travel and, more importantly, get the time to travel. The Package Holiday domain name you are currently viewing is a new addition to my portfolio. I paid a fair old whack for it it must be said, but I wanted a domain to make me spend time and effort on. None of this useless-hyphen-keyword-hyphen-holiday domain rubbish that seems to be about all that’s left these days.

If you feel you would like to contribute to the site, if you have anything interesting that would make a good article – obviously related to package holidays or holidays in general – then drop me an email at simsi[at]packageholiday.com (the name’s Ian) with any info and I’d be happy to put up quality, useful content and give a credit. If it’s suitable.

That’s all. Hope the site proves useful over time.