Mika Villas Apartments – Piskopiano – Crete

Reviewer: anon
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Oh god where do I start, worst package holiday I’ve ever booked. Calling it a hotel/villa is a farce, I have stayed in better hostels.

Apartments were disgraceful, no sheets/towels changed the whole time there, not that they were that great to start with. Security guard from the hotel was a mad man, pushed another guest down a flight of stairs!

Staff apart from both bar men were extremely rude, was woken one morning by hotel “manager’s” mouth one morning, screaming at guests down stairs. Left our key at reception one evening only to return to it missing had to pay €60 for a replacement!

One of our group stayed in alone one evening, only to see the security guard come into our apartment & have a wander round for himself, friend thought it was one of us he got up from the bed tons very startled guard told hotel management next morning & nothing was done.

So all & all would really not recommend, very very dodgy indeed.

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