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Lonely Planet’s Erin Richards describes Amsterdam (that’s in Holland, or the Netherlands, in case you didn’t know!) as exciting, beautiful and romantic. With it’s cobble stone streets, clubs and nightlife, Amsterdam is so much more than the Red Light District it’s well known for.

Editor Note: Incidentally, I’ve stayed here 3 times and as far as hotels go, I can recommend the Victoria hotel opposite the station (4*). The Krasnopolsky is OK (5*) but wasn’t overly impressed with the room and there was some street noise at night as it’s pretty central. The Hotel Jolly Carlton was where I stayed the first time…nice if you don’t mind living in a broom cupboard! And worth noting that weekends are full of English stag and hen parties. Not really my cup of tea..during the week is the best time to visit IMO.

The restaurants in Amsterdam are something else – some very obscure food and, er, unusual entertainment. My favourite was Supper Club where you lie on beds and listen to chilled music while you eat. Check it out.

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