Top Sites: Trip Advisor

Reviewer: Simsi

If you haven’t come across Trip Advisor yet and you go on holiday every now and again, then honestly…where have you been? Trip Advisor is the web’s leading travel reviews site where regular people like me and you can go to leave reviews on hotels anywhere in the world. Not just hotels in fact…they also do attractions which I found very useful recently for a day trip to London – I’d never have thought of the Houses Of Parliament tour but it’s ranked Top #10 on Trip Advisor so we did. And it was. A great find.

Primarily though, Trip Advisor is known for hotel reviews. Pretty much every┬áhotel in every city is on here with reviews from regular punters and it’s a Bible. I tend to go here, find the hotels that rank Top #5 and then look for those on the package holiday sites like, Expedia etc. A much better way round to do things.

The one small criticism I’d have…Ok, 2 in fact, is that it’s become such a huge site that it can be tricky to navigate. My way round that is to use Google (ie: search for “tripadvisor hotels london“) as it always appears top in the results. Second complaint is minor now, but hotels used to pretend to be customers and post reviews of their own properties! However, because the site is now so popular and there are loads of reviews per hotel, it’s easy to get an opinion over the volume of responses, especially as every response is marked with a star rating.

Website: Trip Advisor