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I have just returned from a week all inclusive holiday at Paphos gardens, we stayed there from 31st august until 7th September 2012.

This is the first time I have ever wrote a review because I am disappointed, usually it’s to rave about how wonderful it has been, but I have to say this was the worst hotel I have ever stayed in, & my friend agrees.I wouldn’¬ít mind but she¬ís traveled around the world for a year & stayed in hostels, & the customer service & rooms were a lot better.

Don¬ít be tricked by what you see on the photos, it does have potential to be a good hotel, it’s just a shame that the people who own & run it are just there to make money, & the staff (80% of them) are rude & nasty.

Where to start? Well basically don’t waste your money here at Paphos Gardens! There are far better hotels than this in the area, my friends stayed at; Riu Cypria, Pafian Park & Pafian Sun village.

If you are willing to spend a bit more then definitely go for the Riu Cypria, it’s fantastic, surreal how beautiful it is! Whereas the two Pafian resorts are lovely, friendly helpful staff & lovely food! You can read your own reviews about them.

Paphos gardens has potential but it¬ís all wasted. Firstly if you are a fussy eater, have allergies (like me), are vegetarian then there will be nothing much on offer here for you. When I¬í’ve been on all inclusive before I¬ím used to walking into the dining room & have a varied selection of foods, that cater for most appetites.

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Please stay away if you don’t want to ruin your holiday.

The rooms are so grotty & dated that it is wholly depressing, & we had back aches all week from the beds. The communal area is just as ugly, & the bar full of rude, drunkard ex-pats who don’t even stay there.

I had no hot water for two days, & when I politely addressed the matter, I was sworn at & accused of offending ‘his people’. A ridiculously offensive resort & terrible holiday package!

This was our first holiday to Cyprus other than stopping off for the day from a ship. The hotel was well located next to the sea, & as others have said a 30 minute walk to the port. We had paid extra for a sea view mainly to ensure our room did not overlook the road.

The view was fine & little noise was heard. The average age of customers would have been in the sixties, & a number of Tour Operators used this hotel.The hotel was clean, but a little shabby in places & the room would have been of 3 star quality rather than 4 star. I have stayed in better Travel Inn rooms in the UK.

I found the dining room & the food a little disappointing, again about 3 star quality.On the other hand the staff were very good & in particular reception staff added considerable quality to the hotel. However there is little to be said on positive note about the entertainment.

Our first impressions of the Kissos Hotel in Paphos when we pulled up were good, however things quickly deteriorated once we opened the door to the room. After a 5 hour flight the first thing we wanted when we got there was a cup of tea however there were no tea making facilities in the room & when we enquired at reception we were told that you had to hire the kettle for 2.50 euros a day Рper person!

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Just returned from two weeks at the Laura Beach hotel in Pahpos. Basically we had a great time, the grounds are extensive & well watered & maintained just don’t put your towels out before the sprinkler system has been used & turned off!

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The Agapinor hotel is about a 10-15 minute walk from the beach in Paphos, is on a main road and with the market at one end so you have cars, vans & buses coming & going all day long.

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