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Got back early hours of this morning & missing it so much. The Alize hotel in Olu Deniz is lovely and in a superb location. I went with my sister & our children all teenagers. The hotel is more geared up for families and couples rather than youngsters wanting to be out until the early hours, so suited us perfectly.

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We stayed at the Belcehan Beach Hotel for two excellent weeks, June 5th 2009 to June 19th 2009. Our first visit was six years ago & it is still as good as the first time.

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The Yel Holiday Resort in Olu Deniz is a great value for money hotel by Turkey’s standards and the rooms are comfortable & clean. The staff are very friendly & helpful. The food is good & the restaurant staff are very attentive. The bar/drinks are good and Ali the entertainment guy does a good job with limited resources.

Overall really good value & very relaxing holiday. Don’t normally like going back to the same place but would definately visit this hotel again, hopefully later this year.

Despite varying views of the Tulip Hotel in Olu Deniz read before departure, i was more than happy with the hotel. Got a friendly greeting on arrival then taken to room. It was a very relaxed atmosphere and the staff were never anything other than polite and helpful. They were not in your face (and that doesn’t make them rude as some people have suggested!) which suited me fine but were available when help or advice was needed. The room was cleaned daily and was spotless.

The Tulip is a very low key, quiet hotel in the evening with just a weekly belly dancer evening as the only real entertainment. It was nice just to sit and quietly relax in the evenings when i didnt want to venture out.

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Arrived 4th April, early hours, booked into wrong room type, but too late and tired to complain, had this sorted out next morning with no problem. The hotel was clean enough but does require a lot of work to make it look inviting and. not 4 star standard by any manner of means.
The food was by far the worst I have ever sampled,in fact the first week saw us travelling outwith the resort to eat. Breakfast – as bread, butter, and cereal ran out, it was never replaced unless you asked. Meats were processed and curling up at the edges, boiled eggs, either 3min or 5min there was no difference which you chose, barely warm, undercooked or hard boiled. If you were brave enough to join the queue for an ommelette you were in for a long wait. One day the 12th person to join the queue waited 22minutes to be served. Same applied on the day the eggs were being fried. 1 cook,1 frying pan, and 1 egg at a time. Lunch/dinner – Complaints from day 1, the hot food was never piping hot,on occasions it was cold, meats were undercooked. Minced meat mixed with boiled eggs and swimming in grease. Chicken undercooked with boiled lettuce. Flat square meatballs burned on one side and raw on the other. The barbeque was fired up for the last 2 days of the holiday, but again the food was undercooked,although incinerated on the outside. The advertised A la Carte restaurant also opened at this time, I paid 10euro for the same undercooked and cold food as the main restaurant, the only difference was you had to wait while someone went to the other end of the hotel to collect it for you. Thomas Cook’s rep did tell one guest and his daughter that there was a problem with the catering staff but that should improve in week 2 when a new team arrive, slight improvement but still poor and still had to eat out at times.

The hotel location is fine, at the bottom of a hillside and within minutes of the beach.

Hotel staff are all very pleasant,chefs are not chefs,they are people dressed as chefs heating up food that is delivered in dailly, pre prepared.

Entertainment left a lot to be desired,a good bunch of animation staff tried their best but failed. Would definitely NOT return to this hotel. In 25 years of travelling it is by far the worst experience ever.

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Ive had better food in prison,you get more entertainment in prison,we will never go back there again

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