Senhor Angelo Resort – Calangute – Goa

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We have stayed at this hotel on the last 8 visits but will not stay here again. We found standards had really dropped, unfortunately. There was no one on reception who spoke English; JoJo was very rarely around for some reason, and we couldn’t find out why but on speaking to him found he had been doing some taxiing.

Most people had to change rooms as the rooms were very musty & damp with one person having water running down their wall. One of our party had no hot water for 3 days & had to change rooms, then the room she had to spend the rest of 3 weeks in had a very musty smell that never disappeared.

The hotel smelled as though it had been shut up all through the monsoon & had not been open very long which was strange as it used to be a year round hotel. Our toilet was leaking & we had to have a new one fitted & we were asked to use another room for a day & a night.

We only used this for the shower & toilet & slept in our own room as the replacement room smelled horrendous & we were unable to sleep there. On the positive side I think we had one of the best rooms as apart from the toilet issue our room did not smell & we found the cleaning standards good except our rooms were not touched for two days over Xmas but this is to be expected.

There is also building work going on on two sides of the hotel which we were not told about; it began at 8:30am & finished at 6pm. We could not use our balcony which overlooked the pool as we were constantly ogled at by builders.

On one occasion when we returned to the hotel for a drink around the pool we found all the tables & accompanying chairs had been removed apart from one & had to sit on the garden wall. The bar man said the owner had removed them. When the rep arrived he questioned this & everything was back the next day.

There were also no umbrellas around the pool this year. The breakfast was the usual one slice of toast with jam & tea or coffee. The hotel is in a great location which is the reason we always stayed there.This was definitely not the holiday we were expexting based on previous visits. We won’t be returning.

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