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» Sa Coma Playa Hotel – Sa Coma – Majorca

Sa Coma Playa Hotel – Sa Coma – Majorca

Reviewer: anon
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We’re not long back from this hotel, staying 11nights from 5th July. We booked all the inclusive package holiday directly rather than with Thomsons as this meant we could book one of their gorgeous suites rather than just a twin room, to accommodate my husband, teenage daughter & myself.

Check in was very quick & efficient, almost seemed too quick as we were in such awe of the hotel reception that it took time to take it all in. Once we worked out how to get to our room on the 3rd floor, we opened the door to have all 3 of our jaws drop!

This room is absolutely gorgeous & I believe that each & every other room is decorated in the same manner & style (my mother in law was also staying here in a twin room & hers was just as gorgeous). As you walk in, there is an extremely big bathroom to the left, this is decorated & styled very modern, just exactly what we love.

The bathroom was in two halves, with the first area being the sink & big mirror, big vanity unit with drawers to keep things & to the other side a big jacuzzi bath. Through a door way (no door) is a toilet, bidet & a very very big walk in shower, which has a big monsoon shower head as well as a hand held power shower, all I can say is – wow!

This is better than many hotels in the UK, & well worth it’s 4 stars, if not another one!

To the right of the way in we had a big walk in wardrobe/dressing room. This has a long rail with as manay hangers as you could need, plenty of shelves & drawers for all your things as well as a seat, plenty space to store your luggage & the safe (which has to be paid for at reception).

The next area is the living area of the suite, this already had the sofa pulled out & the bed made for my daughter. This was a big room, with an extra comfy seat & a coffee table. The mini bar is fully stocked in here & there is a big glass patio door leading out to the balcony.

The final area of the room is the bedroom. This is entered by two big sliding doors from the living area & we were greeted by the biggest bed we have ever seen in our lives! It was well made & the decor of the whole room was gorgeous. There was a mirror, dressing table with a stool & drawer as well as a good sized flat screen telly, which had plenty UK channels, should you want to keep up with the soaps, or otherwise.

There was another big patio door leading out to the other half of the patio – this was double the size of the regular rooms & had two lounger seats, two armchairs & table on it. Stunning view out towards the sea, & we could see the larger pool & the road leading up tot he hotel which had some shops on it.

Room perfect – until night time unfortunately. There was a bit of hustle & bustle noise from the street at night, also we were above the kitchen area of the restaurant & there would be a constant motor noise which you could hear when the doors were shut.

We also heard the bin men at nights, which wasn’t too bad if you are not an early sleeper, but some nights you just need to get to bed early & this didn’t help. A few nights there was noise from the other hotels, they seemed to have outdoor entertainment, which went on til about 11pm – not a big problem, but again if you wanted to sleep early it was noisy.

Don’t be shocked if you are woken at 6am (or earlier) either as there is a family of hens that wander round the hotel & the cockerel likes ot hear the sound of his own voice very early in the morning. All this room needs to improve on this would be better glazing in the windows so that it sound proofs, then I would have called it perfect.

The room was cleaned daily, I think they change the bed clothes every few days & will change the towels if you need them changed.

We didn’t have any tea making facilities (and MIL did), so my husband asked at reception & apparently you only get this when you book through Thomson, & it is an outside company that comes in to supply these. We were willing to pay for it, but the receptionist told him she would ask around the cleaning staff & see if they had a spare kettle in a cupboard that we could have. We didn’t hold up much hope, but when we returned we had a full tray with everything we needed, & weren’t charged for this.

The hotel has two pools, although we never went near the big pool at all. It did look very busy at times & we expected a bit noisier than the smaller pool round the other side of the hotel. This pool was perfect, always easy to get a bed & really nice & peaceful most of the time. It was very clean & very well looked after & the lifeguard does a patrol of it every so often.

The food was a buffet service. I think at first you go in with a bit of caution as you don’t know what some of it is, but as time passes you become more confident at what you are getting. We tried to book at the Italian a couple of times, but had no luck at all. This is something that really needs to be looked at.

My husband went down to reception at 7. 15am on our second last day to try & fit the 5 of us in to the Italian. The reception don’t take bookings until 8am, & then everyone just starts forming a queue. My husband was about 4th in the queue & really thought he had a chance. 1st people booked a table for 6, 2nd booked for 4 & the person in front was a 2. By the time he got there he was told there was only a table for two left. I am very surprised that this hotel only has an allocation of 14 seats at the Italian restaurant, & this really really needs to be dealt with.

There should be a direct booking service with the restaurant where you can call to book for whatever night you want, not just the same day you book. It is very unfair that a group of people staying for 11 nights, who tried to get a table at least 7 of those mornings don’t manage to get one. It’s very badly run & I do hope they make some changes to this.

We did however, get a table at the Country Grill one night. This is over at the Safari Park Hotel & is basically a BBQ buffet. But the best bit about this meal was that the drink was self service & you could take as much as you liked. There was Lager, White, Red & Rose Wine & all the soft drinks & water. We really enjoyed this meal & went back a second time, however this wasn’t as good this time & there was much more queuing, so I guess it just depends what day you pick & how busy the hotel is.

Back to the buffet in the restaurant, it was very nice. Maybe a little samey some nights, but always a lot of choice & very fresh food. I’m not sure i’d want to be All-Inclusiveas the buffet lunch looked very similar to the evening meal.

Evenings are quiet & there is entertainment in the bar, which was always full, but we were quite happy to get a drink either out at the pool bar or just take one to one of the comfy sofa’s in reception (this meant my daughter could use the free wifi on her ipod, so kept her happy).

The staff I cannot fault at all, they were always very pleasant & smiley. They seem to work very very long hours & practically every day too.

And I was extra surprised by a complimentary bottle of ‘champagne’ left in our room on the 2nd night from Chej, the manager, who I had asked a few questions via Facebook before we left & had left me a note to say this was as promised on Facebook. I never expected this at all, & I was really happy he had bothered to do it.

p. s. – I should say that my MIL’s room was just as beautiful as ours although a little smaller of course, they had a ground floor room with a terrace that came straight out to a grassy area which was right beside the small pool. They also didn’t have any complaints of outside noise, so perhaps having a room round this side is more peaceful & it’s possibly something we’d look into if we do get to return.

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