Parque las Americas Apartments – Playa de las Americas – Tenerife

Reviewer: anon
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Unless you are a goat do not stay at this hotel / apartments. We stayed in N0. 24 which was as far away from reception as could get.

Reception said they could give us a key to the back gate to allow us to bypass the steps (all 9 million of them). After searching for 30 minutes she could not find a key. The trek started.

Out of reception round the pool up first flight of steps across down flight of steps up flight of steps down flight of steps turn corner up steps (is this getting repetitive, it was for us as well) finally find apartment, yes you guessed it 2nd floor so up steps (Collapse with two suitcases).

TV was extra 15 euros for 3 days 20 something for 7. On the good side apartments were spotless. This holiday package wasn’t even close to acceptable for the price.

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