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» Paphos Gardens Hotel And Apartments – Paphos – Cyprus

Paphos Gardens Hotel And Apartments – Paphos – Cyprus

Reviewer: anon
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I have just returned from a week all inclusive holiday at Paphos gardens, we stayed there from 31st august until 7th September 2012.

This is the first time I have ever wrote a review because I am disappointed, usually it’s to rave about how wonderful it has been, but I have to say this was the worst hotel I have ever stayed in, & my friend agrees.I wouldn’¬ít mind but she¬ís traveled around the world for a year & stayed in hostels, & the customer service & rooms were a lot better.

Don¬ít be tricked by what you see on the photos, it does have potential to be a good hotel, it’s just a shame that the people who own & run it are just there to make money, & the staff (80% of them) are rude & nasty.

Where to start? Well basically don’t waste your money here at Paphos Gardens! There are far better hotels than this in the area, my friends stayed at; Riu Cypria, Pafian Park & Pafian Sun village.

If you are willing to spend a bit more then definitely go for the Riu Cypria, it’s fantastic, surreal how beautiful it is! Whereas the two Pafian resorts are lovely, friendly helpful staff & lovely food! You can read your own reviews about them.

Paphos gardens has potential but it¬ís all wasted. Firstly if you are a fussy eater, have allergies (like me), are vegetarian then there will be nothing much on offer here for you. When I¬í’ve been on all inclusive before I¬ím used to walking into the dining room & have a varied selection of foods, that cater for most appetites.

At paphos gardens you only have around two or 3 bowls of salad, which generally have meat or feta cheese, so if you don’t like it… tough? then they have around 3 or 4 hot containers with, rice, pasta, veg & one or two meats… & that’s about it really, they have other bits & pieces like sauces for pasta & salad ect.

Secondly the majority of staff are rude & nasty, at the start of the holiday I saw guests crying at the reception & when talking to bar staff, this seemed to carry on almost every day? We didn¬í’t understand at first, but then they started being the same with us.

On the first day we arrived at around 2am & the last day we were due to leave around 9pm. The last day was the worst of all! We decided to stay at the hotel for the last day so that it was easier to pack & get ready to leave, it was around 38degrees when we went, so very hot!

We only ever drank water there, which they supply bottles, which is a bonus. But the last day it was hotter, & come 12 oclock they refused to serve us any water, saying that we had had our two drinks for the day. BE WARNED OF THIS! As they won’t notify you of this earlier! So if you are booked in here make sure you save money for the last day as even though you’¬íve paid for 7days they only do 6 days & a morning!

We were all inclusive so all our meals & drinks were included, you also get snacks through the day at certain times, the snacks are better than the meals, as they are freshly cooked & not re-used from the previous meal time.

If you have to go to this hotel make sure you take Immodium tablets as you will need them if you eat there! We started eating at our friends hotels after a few days & the tummy trouble cleared up.

Now for some more bad news, they over booked the hotel, & instead of coming up with a sensible solution they made one lady sleep on a sun lounger which they carried up from outside & covered with a sheet, she was very angry at the front desk when we saw her, poor woman! She had paid over £600 for a week at this awful place? !

People had to have room changes due to plenty of cockroaches in their initial room. We were quite lucky really, they made us sleep in a double bed instead of two singles, which is nothing compared to the others obviously, also the showers flooded. They don’¬ít like to do anything that means they have to make any sort of effort¬Ö.

All I can say is that it’s a good job I’ve stayed in Cyprus before or this would of put me off for life! We met plenty of different people there with the same disappointment & complaints, from families with young children, people on their own & elderly couples, they were all lovely people. It was so upsetting to see so many people feeling down, I was just glad to be going home!

I hope this review helps in some way, I¬ím sorry if you’¬íve already booked, the one thing I will say that¬ís positive is that if you’¬íve booked all inclusive you get a free back massage, which they won’t tell you about! Luckily one of the other people who were staying there had heard about it, so we had it done. You just go down to the lowest floor & you show them your green band & tell them your room number.

Another thing is to try & keep your green band on! If they don’t take it off you on the last day in the morning then that will be a good thing, as you will be able to get water & not dehydrate!

Also a must if you want to go out for a meal is MOTHERS KITCHEN a warm welcome, lovely service, very cheap prices & a lot of food fantastic quality! Its in Paphos town near the bus station, just ask in one of the shops & they’¬íll direct you.

Thank you for taking your time to read this, just try to get out of the hotel as much possible & site see there¬ís a lot of lovely places to go & see around Cyprus especially THE ADONIS BATHS! We couldn¬í’t get there, as we didn’¬ít find out about it until the last day but our friends who got married the day previous went there & said it was fantastic! Like something you would see in the movies, Aphrodite¬ís rock isn¬í’t much but the other attractions & historical places are nice.

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