Package Holidays in Egypt: the Good, the Bad, & the Ugly

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St. Josephs – Luxor – Egypt

We have stayed at the St Josephs twice now, so that must say something. We could of opted for one of the swankier hotels in Luxor, but from our experience in larger hotels/resorts you are just a number, staff do not know you.

Here it is small & friendly, the staff help you if possible, one of the receptionists, got the phone number of a taxi driver I had used the previous year & we used him all week, he is very friendly & helpful.

We have gone B/B both times, intending to eat out, but when we get there, we always decide to get their meal tickets, 6 4 course evening meals for about £27. The meals are very substantial & nice, but sometimes, what with the heat, you did not fancy such rich food, not that we did not enjoy them. The bar food served on the roof terrace is also recommended.

The hotel is kept as clean as can be possible, & admittedly the decor is still stuck in the 70′s I would say, but when you are out all day & only come back in the evening, it was good enough for us. We were not paying for gold taps or velvet sheets, & as such did not expect such things.

It is a plain, simple friendly hotel, the staff know you by name, they remembered us from the previous year too. The hotel entertainment was your typical snake charmers, belly dancers etc, but still to my niece who had not visited before it was good fun.

The location, is slap dash in the middle of Luxor I would say, you can easily walk into the main part of town in about 10 minutes at a slow stroll. You do get hounded by kalesh drivers & taxi drivers outside the hotel, but you would get that anywhere else too, just say no thank you, & walk away.

The restaurant staff we would praise. The reception staff we would praise. All staff really, cannot fault them. We find if you are nice & friendly & respectful to them, they will be the same to you. Some people just moan for the sake of moaning.

Hauza Beach Resort Hotel – Sharm el Sheikh – Egypt

The Hotel is OK with nice views & a nice beach, however be very careful if you are booking a child over 12 as they will not let you leave until you pay them for an adult.

This happened to us & another family & the staff are extremely rude & they threatened the wife of the other family; they laughed when I told them it was sorted & they would not help us at all & were calling us at midnight to discuss it. Only when my wife insisted on seeing a manger did they suddenly find the email saying my bill was sorted.

I would never go there again, the food was rubbish & so many people were ill some even taken to hospital, I was lucky I only got mine on the plane on the way home (nice). We upgraded our room to a suite with a sea view, this was OK until the Bedouin Cafe opened & the music blares out until 3am.


LTI Grand Azur Resort – Sharm El Sheikh – Egypt

Just got back from two week break. Hotel is beautiful & service from the staff was excellent, but pity I can’t say the same for the hotel management or Thomson’s.

On arrival I slipped on the reception floor (wet floor). It took other guests to assist me. Went to Hospital I returned with a pot on my leg & a broken ankle. Still waiting for hotel management to ask if I I am OK. I had to ask my sister to get us a change of room as we were on first floor.

This Hotel does not cater for any one with any walking difficulties of any description; there are plenty of steps, there are some ramps however they are so steep it would take two men to push a wheel chair up them.

However having said all that the remainder of the staff were helpful & very attentive. This has not put me off visiting this hotel again. But I would recommend flat rubber soled shoes. As for the British Reps well least said there I think.

We did manage to enjoy ourselves the food is good the rooms are clean, the bars can get a little busy, but overall it was a good holiday.

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