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With all inclusive you have to pay again. When I asked at the bar if there are some drinks for all inclusive clients, the answer was “You have to pay”. Even for water I had to pay again.

The food is almost the same every day, if you want to eat meat you have to come early & to queue else you get no meat.

There are no entertainment possibilities.

The hotel staff is extremely rude – I tried to talk about the complaints with a manager of the hotel & she started laughing & continued to talk Turkish with her colleagues!

Extremely unfriendly with children. They let you understand that children are not welcome.

The only possibility to go to the beach is by using a bus of the hotel, that is going to the beach in the morning & returning after lunch, so that if you decide to go to the beach, you have to pay lunch again.

But they have everywhere big tips boxes.Worst holiday package I’ve EVER purchased, wish I could get my money and time spent back.

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