Occidental Grand Teguise Playa Hotel – Costa Teguise – Lanzarote

Reviewer: Simsi
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most of the reviews i would say are accurate, unfortunately this hotel is well past its best!

Im quite open minded but having paid £1300 for a week all inclusive I was hoping for a good 4 star hotel. this didnt happen. The reception area of the hotel was beautiful and the pool area was great but thats where it ended.

I have to agree that the state of the corridors was terrible for this standard of hotel they were stained, frayed and lots of areas had been patched up to a really bad standard. The corridor walls had also been patched up with non matching paint, the rooms were shabby and not cleaned to a very good standard the towels that were available to use had holes in them and we had a regular visit by ants in the bathroom each night.

The restaurant was ok but food was very repetative, it was obvious the food was used again for dinner if it had been left over from lunch. The sweet course/pudding didnt really exist which was good for my waistline but not for my sweet tooth. We saw cockroaches in the dining room, my husband advised one of the waiters who shrugged his shoulders and kicked it under the drink dispenser.

The location of the hotel is good but its a very british resort so lots of pubs and burger shops etc.

The entertainment was ok but started at 9pm and finished an hour later then nothing.

Ive stayed at other 4 star hotels in the canaries which left this one in the shade so i wouldnt visit this one again or recommend it well not for the price we had to pay anyway!

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