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» Mellis Hill hotel – Olu Deniz – Turkey

Mellis Hill hotel – Olu Deniz – Turkey

Reviewer: anon
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The Mellis Hill Hotel is a strange place to describe because it has quite a bit to recommend it but it also has quite a bit to put you off going there. I must say that if you have any kind of mobility problem this hotel is definitely not for you. The main reason to recommend it is it’s isolation & it’s basic facilities; perversely the main reason not to recommend it is also it’s isolation & it’s basic facilities. It all depends on what you want from your holiday.

The Mellis Hill Hotel is set in the quiet(ish) foothills above the resort of Olu Deniz about 300 yards from the busy main road & is accessed from the road by a very steep dirt track. The area round & about the hotel is all rough ground with a small rough gravel courtyard; do not be surprised if your transfer coach drops you off at the side of the road & expects you to make your own way to the hotel. The hotel itself is set on two levels with some rooms above the pool area & some rooms below (under) the pool area; all rooms except six are only accessible via steps & all have a sea view (the sea is about a mile away but hey it’s a sea view). All dining is alfresco, breakfast (self service) is served under a pergola covered in grape vines, and all other meals (from a limited menu) are served on the terrace next to the bar. Whilst this, indeed, sounds very quaint it means that you are subject to the vagaries of the weather & the local biting insects, your food gets cold very quickly & you are subjected to the very loud music the staff insists on playing all of the time, making conversation virtually impossible.

Breakfast consists of two kinds of cheese, tomato, green & black olives, cucumber, hard boiled egg, melon, bread, butter & jam with a choice of either tea (made in an urn), which is very strong or the local instant coffee which you make yourself, but beware this is very strong coffee powder here. Normally it is self service but on our last two days it came plated up & was the most unappetizing concoction I have ever seen. The pool area & terrace at first glance look very nice, but on closer inspection are shabby to say the least, with worn out sun loungers & equally worn out tables & parasols being the norm; the floor around the pool area could have done with a good clean. The pool is very deep along the whole length & breadth apart from the semi-circular end where there are steps, and even this is too deep (in my opinion) for children as there are no barriers between this & the main body of the swimming pool.

The hotel rooms are very, very basic; furnishings consist of a bed & a wardrobe, there is air conditioning but that is payable locally, the en suite bathroom comprises a lavatory, a hand basin & a corner shower cubicle. I must tell you that the plumbing for the shower is suspect to say the least with a mere trickle at the shower end & an inability to drain the water quickly enough at the plughole end. The room wasn’t cleaned unless we asked & the supply of clean towels was the same. The rooms have a small balcony with two chairs. Do not be at all surprised to be woken in the wee hours every day by either dogs barking, cocks crowing, or the local imam calling the faithful to prayer at 110 decibels (at 5am), or occasionally all of these at the same time! But you will get used to that!

The path down to Olu Deniz is about half a mile long, very rough & very steep & when the sun goes down very dark. If you plan on visiting in the evening I would suggest that you take a good torch & spare batteries with you (Yes really!). The alternative is to use the local dolmus or taxi service, the dolmus will cost a couple of lira & the taxi will cost 10 lira. The staff; well what can I say? They seemed reasonably helpful if more than a little odd at times; maybe they were a little stir crazy, who knows? Security is virtually non existent; I was horrified to learn that our passports had been kept in the top drawer of the office desk & it wasn’t even locked! There is a travellers (Gypsy) camp alongside the track to Olu Deniz & whilst there are safety deposit boxes in the “reception” area, if you use them be careful, the staff were rubbernecking every time I went to take some money out. Knowing what I know now I would probably only take my debit card with me as there are plenty of ATM’s in Olu Deniz.

The main problem with this hotel is that it is badly in need of some decent organization, some strong discipline, & a little bit of money spending on it. When the music was turned off it was a lovely peaceful spot to catch the sun & relax with a good book, but sadly these occasions were few & far between. Would we stay here again? Yes, I think we would but I certainly wouldn’t recommend it to families, especially those with small children.

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