Future Inn Cardiff Bay – Cardiff – UK and Eire

Reviewer: anon
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This really is quite a nice hotel. Everything is clean & efficient, & the rooms are comfortable & pleasant.

One problem – we arrived after a five-hour freezing trip on the motorway to find that our room was like an ice-box. Other rooms were the same.

When I wrote to the manager about this I was told that this is the hotel’s ‘green policy’. No, don’t laugh. They don’t like to pour too much CO2 into the atmosphere, so they don’t think we will mind having a freezing cold room.

Think carefully about this – they actually think it is acceptable to leave our rooms unheated until we arrive, even in the depths of winter, because THEY have decided to go green (and incidentally save on their heating bill), without telling us before we arrive.

If you think that is acceptable too, then fine – great hotel. I find it absurd. I’d never return.

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