Holiday Reviews

This category is where you’ll find a selection of package holiday reviews (mainly mine right now, but hopefully those of others when the site takes off a bit). I want this section to provide inspiration for places to go and see, so the reviews are reasonably detailed. You might also want to check out the holiday deals & ideas too for more, erm, ideas! Incidentally, you can leave comments on these holidays, so if you have been to one of the places reviewed, please feel free to add your thoughts…anything that will be helpful to others.

The Luxor Hilton Hotel

Luxor was one of the best package holidays I’ve had in recent times, mixing history with relaxation – the perfect holiday for me!

Luxor is in Egypt, as if you didn’t know! About half-way down and a very hot destination! We actually chose a fantastic time to go – the week directly before Christmas. This was great for two reasons: firstly the temperature was a bearable 29/30 degrees (high 80′s Fahrenheit) and when we got back, we were straight into Xmas with no time to moan about the UK weather. What amused us was on one trip, our (excellent) Egyptian tour guide was wearing a scarf and long, thick overcoat and the temperature was pushing 30 degrees celcius!

We booked this holiday package through Thomas Cook and the whole trip – 7 nights B&B accommodation in the 5* Luxor Hilton plus flights cost us a mere £249 each ($450), booked at the last minute obviously! Plus the food is so cheap

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