Gangtok and surrounding area (India)

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The Gangtok approach road from Bagdogra was very bad but the hill station was clean & the traffic was very orderly. The mg road in Gangtok should be emulated in all hill stations. The surrounding places like Temi, Rumtek etc & villages were clean & inviting. People were friendly & helpful. food, sight-seeing & shopping
The restaurants on the mg road were fine, depending on tastes, but the one on top of the tourist centre was the worst. Would not advise it. At Namchi we visited their best restaurant for lunch & both my wife & I got food poisoning. Heard another couple got it the day after. The road to Nathula was almost non-existent.

activities & things to do
Visit the Sikkim handicrafts emporium & the flower show – a must. Visit Rumtek & Temi tea estate. For older people like ourselves, the visit must be leisurely by taking rest after the previous strenuous days.

travel tips, how to reach, travel warnings etc. 
Went via Bagdogra – a worse airport than that we cannot imagine. The facilities are lacking considering the incoming & outgoing flights.

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