Dahanu, Bordi, Jawhar excursion (India)

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We went for a short excursion to Dahanu, Bordi & Jawhar from Pune. The route from Dahanu to Bordi is about 15 kms & is good & sceninc. You can go to Bordi two different ways. Bordi beach is a black sand beach & very sticky too. The sea is only one to two feet deep until almost half km out. Sunset was a good experience from the beach.

2 kms from Bordi-Gholwad is a nice spot - Jain temple on a small hill. Evening there is very nice. Other places to visit include the education society of Anutai Wagh who are devoted to social causes for the tribes in that area. The Dahanu/Bordi belt is full of chickoo plantations. One could really experience it.

The tour out to Jawhar was not that good. We had heard lot about the Jai Vilas palace of the tribal king. It seemed to be a abondoned & was apparently a haunted place. The caretaker seemed to be careless! Not worth visiting IMO. The palace is like the university of Pune main building or like Shalini Palace at Kolhapur. It is not recommended to go that far & see the palace. However Hanuman Point was OK with a good view from the top. There are no good hotels available in Jawhar, so we took ourselves to Nasik via Trimbakeshwar where we could have our lunch.food, sight-seeing & shopping
There are plenty of nurseries around Dahanu-Bordi where you can stay. We stayed at Tarpa farms owned by Prabhakar Aawe. It is a 35 acre developed farm where you can stay in cottages & relax & enjoy your holiday. They take you aroud the chickoo plantations, nurseries etc. Food here is excellent with a very clean & hygienic kitchen. You can also use swimming pool.activities & things to do
Relaxing in the chickoo orchards. Stroll in the woods. Eat plenty of fruits. And enjoy swimming in the sea.

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From Pune you can go to Thane & on the Ghodbundar road to Borivili. From Borivili, take the Western express highway towards Dahanu. The best time to visit is winter.

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