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The Akshi beach is a beautiful white sand beach. Plenty of suru trees can be seen along the coast. The water is very clean & it is very safe for swimming. The beach is also a favourite among the birdwatchers & nature lovers.

The village is full of fishermen & it is not crowded at all. The beach at Akshi is a favourite tourist spot. One could lounge around the clear beaches & step into the warm & unruffled Arabian sea.

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The Kolaba fort was constructed by Shivaji Maharaj. Visitors can visit the fort only during low tide. The fort consists of a sweet water well in the middle. There are many temples & fortifications along which guns face the sea. The fort is 300 years old.

Carvings of tigers, peacocks, & elephants on the entrance arch can be seen. Near the gate there are shrines of Mahishasura & Padmavathi & other gods along with the fort’s deity. A Ganesha temple was built in front of the sweet water tank in 1759.

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Akshi is just 5 km away from Alibag

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