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This is a kind of mish-mash of holiday package reviews, tid-bits, destinations and all sorts really. Anything that doesn’t fit into any of the other holiday categories I guess. If tou are looking for accommodation reviews then you’re better off in the hotel reviews section (which also deals with self catering apartments).

Rotterdam is in the south-west of The Netherlands about 50km from the Belgian border and about 60 from Amsterdam. It’s linked by a channel to the North Sea and its fortunes have been tied to maritime trade and adventure for centuries seeing off Dutch East Indies galleons, the Pilgrim Fathers, trans-Atlantic clippers and today the cargo ships and tankers that are the lifeblood of international trade. Its obvious claim to fame is its role as Europe’s busiest port which alone would make it a worthwhile destination but the city offers much more to the visitor.

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September 12th 2008: Only last week, transatlatic airline Zoom who run, actually, better make that “ran“, package holidays between the UK and the USA announced that they had gone into receivership leaving thousands of passengers out of pocket or stranded abroad. They have since blamed creditors for their downfall and said that the chances of resuming operations are “slim”.

And this week, the XL travel firm who also operate package holidays and have their own airline also appear to have, forgive the pun, crashed and burned.

The message here I guess is, while obviously wanting cheap holiday deals, be careful who you book through and in these somewhat turbulent times, perhaps it’s safest to pay a few dollars more and go wih a name you trust. I’m booked on an Easyjet flight in two weeks, followed by a Virgin flight in November, and I’ll eat my hat if either of them don’t last out!

I was just browsing around for some decent holiday package feeds to import to the site when I stumbled on Expedia’s new “Beta” service called, erm, well…it doesn’t have a name actually, but what it does is that it allows you to enter some basic search criteria and it comes up with a feed of holiday package deals relevant to your parameters. You can then add the “feed” to your MyMSN, Google, MyYahoo, MyAOL (or any other) personalised hompage, or read it in RSS newsreader software if you have one, and it will constantly update the latest deals from Expedia for you to follow.

It’s pretty simple at the moment, and the destination options are limited to the major US Cities or worldwide “types” of holiday (ie: casino, golf, Europe, family etc etc). Once you have selected your type of holiday, or the city you want to visit, you choose

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